ClipMagic - Windows Clipboard Extender

Speed up Cut, Copy & Paste

Clipboard Extender

ClipMagic is an information manager and clipboard extender which provides enhanced clipboard capabilities to save all clips for later use. A major shortfall in Windows is that the clipboard can only store one item at a time, each item obliterating the last. Our Windows clipboard extender stores clips in a convenient categorised format with information; about the window the clip came from, the URL if it came from a web page and the time and type of clip.

To see how these features work in ClipMagic and see what it looks like, check out the screenshots page on this site. Download our clipboard extender

Clipboard Extender Features

  • Store Images, text or URL's simply by copying them using CTRL-C or the copy options on the menu or right mouse click.
  • Define Rules & Filters to automatically move clips to the categories you have created.
  • Categories and sub-categories can be set up for storing different types of clip so that you can separate images, text, URL's or for extracts from different applications.
  • When text is saved from an Internet Browser ClipMagic automatically records the URL address and you can return to it simply by double clicking on the link in ClipMagic's Window.
  • ClipMagic can be set to ignore clips from particular applications or if they exceed a specified size.
  • Organise your clips manually into the different folders or delete them easily by drag and drop in the ClipMagic Window.
  • Images copied can be viewed in ClipMagic's Window and can then easily be pasted into an editor of your choice.
  • ClipMagic can Grab 'Rich Text Format' clips which can be pasted into other applications at a later date.
  • Clips can be pasted into other applications at the touch of a button by setting up hotkeys or using the PastePicker.
  • Clips can be automatically moved to a special Trash Folder and then deleted after specified lengths of time.
  • Automatically perform text replacements when you copy items to the clipboard using simple search/replace or Regular Expressions.