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Genealogical research online is easier with ClipMagic

Genealogy has always been a popular pastime, but with the advent of the Internet it has experienced an almost exponential growth. Genealogical research has become much easier as a wealth of information has been made available online. The Internet enables you to access resources all over the world from your own home, including census, birth, marriage and death records. Some genealogical websites provide you with historical information, allowing you to piece together a clearer picture of what life might have been like for your ancestors.

With access to all this information, life may seem rosier than ever for the genealogical researcher. There's only one problem - organizing all this information in a logical way, and keeping track of where you found it. Genealogical research requires as much conscientiousness and organization as any other project, if not more. You need to remember the sources of your material - but do you really want to scribble down long and complicated URLs for every web page you visit? Especially if it's only one sentence you're interested in, and you're going through dozens of sites at a time? Of course you don't - and you don't need to. With the help of ClipMagic, online genealogy projects can become as organized and structured as you like.

With ClipMagic, you can rid yourself of your disorganized Favorites folder. Stop writing down URLs when you find the web page with that information you were looking for. No need to drag text around or save complete web pages to hard disk when you need just one or two paragraphs. Just CTRL-C!

ClipMagic makes finding genealogical facts faster and more efficient. With ClipMagic you can continue to use your favorite web browser to seek out information about your ancestors. But now, when you find something you want to remember, just highlight it and copy. Just hit CTRL-C, right click the mouse and select Copy, or select Edit/Copy from the browser's menu.

The snippet or "clip" of information will be stored in ClipMagic's database along with the source document's URL. No need to leave your browser, no need to write anything down. The content will be stored away for later retrieval.

Set up rules and filters that work just like your email rules to have clips automatically categorized in folders based on keywords in the clip, the URL, or the type of clip. Or re-categorize a clip from the tray menu without having to leave your browser.

You can annotate and modify clips, or add notes on the fly. And when you want to return to the source document just click the launch button and the original document will be loaded into your browser (or in ClipMagic's internal browser if so configured).

Print clips and email them to friends and family, create your own with the built in editor, paste them easily into your own document using PastePicker.

Download this genealogical research tool today and see how it increases control over your genealogical research experience!