ClipMagic - Windows Clipboard Extender

Speed up Cut, Copy & Paste

Programmer's Productivity Tool

Now, where did I put that bit of code!?

Our programmers find ClipMagic invaluable. They've used it to create a library of common functions. Source code and answers to problems that they find on the 'net are grabbed and stored for later use.

Developing applications can involve a lot of copying and pasting, especially if you are debugging or restructuring source code. Where the Windows clipboard can only store one item at a time meaning you used to have to jump back and forth between different sections of code, with ClipMagic you now don't need to. Copy what you need and paste it later.

Paste lots of items in one go with MagicPaste and select exactly the item you want with PastePicker when you CTRL-V.

Ever needed to cut an important, complicated piece of code, move something into it's place and then put that code somewhere else? Or maybe you need to remove a part of the code but you're worried you're going to mess it up or lose it? Making lots of changes to code can be nerve wracking. Using ClipMagic is reassuring. Every chop you make is stored. If you need to put something back, you have a copy of it.

Download this programmer's tool today and see how it improves your productivity.