ClipMagic - Windows Clipboard Extender

Speed up Cut, Copy & Paste

Research Software for Teachers and Students

Students: ClipMagic is useful software for students, as it lets you quickly gather online information for school reports and assignments. Get your work done faster. Organize clips by subject. Capture pictures and use powerful paste features to create your documents.

Teachers: The ideal teacher's tool, ClipMagic can help you collect supplementary materials from the web and gather information for lesson plans and slides. Create an organized database of knowledge that you can search through quickly, annotate, modify and extract easily.

Rid yourself of your disorganized Favorites folder. Stop writing down URLs when you find that interesting web page. No need to drag text around or save complete web pages to hard disk when you need just one or two paragraphs. Just CTRL-C!

ClipMagic makes web research faster and more efficient. With this web research software you can continue to use your favorite web browser to seek out the information you need. But now, when you find something you want to remember, just highlight it and copy. Just hit CTRL-C, right click the mouse and select Copy, or select Edit/Copy from the browser's menu.

The snippet or "clip" of information will be stored in ClipMagic's database along with the source document's URL. No need to leave your browser, no need to write anything down. The content will be stored away for later retrieval.

Set up rules and filters that work just like your email rules to have clips automatically categorized in folders based on keywords in the clip, the URL, or the type of clip. Or re-categorize a clip from the tray menu without having to leave your browser.

You can annotate and modify clips, or add notes on the fly. And when you want to return to the source document just click the launch button and the original document will be loaded into your browser (or in ClipMagic's internal browser if so configured).

Print clips and email them to friends, create your own with the built in editor, paste them easily into your own document using PastePicker.

Download this web research software today and see how it increases control over your internet experience.