ClipMagic - Windows Clipboard Extender

Speed up Cut, Copy & Paste

Writer's Productivity Tool

Moving chunks of text around a document has never been easier than with ClipMagic. If you are a writer, how many times have you pasted the wrong thing because what you thought was on the Windows clipboard had been obliterated by something else? Ever wanted to spell check something before you pasted it? Do you have boiler-plate text that you use often?

This clipboard text manager lets you store often used clips that you can assign to hot keys so that you can paste them instantly whenever you need to.

With ClipMagic's PastePicker enabled when you CTRL-V you now get a list of recent clips and with one click the correct clip is pasted into your document. No longer get frustrated with having to jump back and forth between the source and the destination. Copy it once and it's there to use no matter how many times you copy again.

Writers often need to copy and paste lots of different items in one go - and how laborious is that? Not at all with ClipMagic. Stay in the source document, copy each item one after the other and when done go to the destination and simply paste away. Use the special MagicPaste hot keys to paste one item after another.

Create clips in ClipMagic and spell check them. Edit them, categorize them, give them hot keys. Add notes to them. Search through your database of clips to find the one you need. All your boiler-plate text is there where you need it available to paste whenever you want.

If you're a writer researching your next article or book, click here to find out how ClipMagic helps with this too.

Download this clipboard text manager today and see how it improves your productivity.