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ClipMagic Solutions

Check out these examples where our clipboard utility can help you save time on the internet, handling images, saving text and various other situations.

Internet Web Sites & URL's

I want to be able to store cuttings from web sites visited and be able to remember where they came from. All you have to do is highlight the text you want to remember, and press CTRL-C or right click and select copy. The text is stored automatically together with the URL of the web site it was on.
I would like to be able to add comments either when the cuttings are saved or later. You can set an option in Clipmagic to pop-up a comments box when a clip is saved so you can add notes. It is also easy to add these at any time later from the ClipMagic main screen.
I want to return to the site where I previously saved a cutting. Simply open ClipMagic, locate the saved item and press the Launch button on the toolbar. If you are connected to the internet, your browser (or the internal browser) will open and take you to the site.

Pictures & Images

I want to save a picture so that I can view or edit them later. Just right click on the picture and select copy. It will be stored automatically by ClipMagic and placed in a particular category folder if you have set up a rule.
I want to save a selection of different images so that I can review them all later. This is where ClipMagic is so much more versatile than the Windows Clipboard which can only store one image and this is lost when the next one is copied. Clipmagic stores all of them so you can click away to your hearts desire and save as many as you want.

Pasting Clips

I want to save time by not having to retype the same text again and again. Hot Keys can be assigned to a clip such as your email address so that every time you have to type it, simply press the assigned keys instead and it will be instantly inserted for you.
Is there a quick way to select what clip I want to paste. Press CTRL-V (if setup in options) and the PastePicker will display a list from which you can pick which clip to paste.
Can I make a clip automatically paste into an application? Enable MagicPaste which automatically pastes into the active window when you grab a clip from ClipMagic.
I want to be able to paste a succession of clips into an application. ALT-DOWN and ALT-UP will grab the next or previous clips whatever application you are in. With MagicPaste enabled it will paste them too. So to speedily paste a list of items just keep pressing ALT-DOWN!

Managing Clips

I want to organise the items I have saved so that I can easily find them in the future. You can set up rules so that ClipMagic automatically categorises items into different folders depending on their type or they can be moved later simply by drag and drop. They can also can be sorted by date, window name or text at the press of a button.
How can I see which clips are text, images or from Web Sites? Clipmagic records the name of the window that the item was saved from. It also displays a Globe Icon for Web Site cuttings and an Image Icon for pictures to help you distinguish these from text items. The contents of the item are also displayed in the ClipMagic Screen.
Can I spell check my text clips? In version 3.0 there is a new feature available on the tools menu to run spell checker. Note however that this will only work if you have Microsoft Office installed.

Setup Options

I want to organise my clips so that they are stored in particular categories. Go to Tools then Filters/Rules on the menu. Click new to add a rule for example so that if the clip has "Image" in its name it is transferred to a perticular category.
What other options are there? Go to Tools then Option on the menu. There are a wide range of options to control how ClipMagic works. For more information see the screenshots.
Where are the clips stored and can I make a backup? What happens if my computer crashes? In General Options you can select to automatically make a backup when ClipMagic is closed. You can also make manual backups by selecting "Backup Databse" on the File menu. We also recommend you read the explanation in Performance Options about what happens in the event of a crash.
I seem to have rather a lot of clips. Is there a way to delete them automatically? In Advanced Options you can select the auto-purge options and you can also specify whether to ignore clips over a certain size. In version 3.0 you can also specify different purge options for categories by going to Category Properties.

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